Redshift #8

Aura Battler Dunbine

Another fortnight passes, another index of talk about older anime surfaces! As usual, remarks from Feez are in blue and those from Thaliarchus are in red.

This week, we’ve experimentally rolled Twitter into the Blogging section, since tweeting is a kind of blogging and there are often only one or two entries from Twitter in the first place.


Sean O’Mara has turned up a few scraps of information and one short article—now translated into English for probably the first time—about the very nearly unknown Moon Struck Artemis, a student film created by the Okayama University Manga Club in 1981–2. Although its writer and de facto director Shinji Aramaki went on to be a significant industry figure, Moon Struck Artemis appears to have sunk firmly below the horizon of historical perception. If you know anything more about it, Sean would love to hear from you!

At Land of Obscusion George concludes his reexamination of Monkey Turn with a post on its second season Monkey Turn V. Given its age, early digital colouring appearance and topic, Monkey Turn will probably remain a footnote at best, but it’s good to have these detailed English-language accounts of it.

Collectr’s put up a short introduction to Zetsuai 1989, one of the earliest BL anime (confusingly, it dates from 1992), in connection with a new and better release from Orphan. And, in a similar vein, a there’s a new release post for Bremen 4, a 1981 Tezuka TV special very loosely inspired by a Grimm fairytale. (We’re going to put these into the general blogging section for the moment, since they’re fairly informative.)

AngryJellyfish has a review of Betterman, an oddity from 1999. It has some fun designs and a bunch of intriguing elements, but I think when I tried watching it myself I needed something more propulsive. I’d like to give it another shake, one day… I remember Betterman! If memory serves me well, it takes place in the same world as GaoGaiGar and is chronologically set between the events of the TV series and Final.

Grant (also a stalwart of the Blade Licking Thieves podcast, frequently featured here) wrote a reading of Dominion Tank Police as a crude but effective feminist parable.

Mike Toole’s latest column puts Mighty Orbots in the context of various other past Tokyo Movie Shinsha projects.

Tom Winnicki recently put out an open letter to the US publisher Sentai Filmworks about the translation of Aura Battler Dunbine. Apparently Sentai have already responded in a positive way, but the piece is also an interesting case study in subtitling history if that’s your jam. It’s not fans in a strop about honorifics, is what I’m saying! Both of us are familiar with Dunbine’s existing translation, and it’s a curious beast: initially it attempts a kind of faux-medieval, Ye Olde style—with only mixed success—and then later it becomes increasingly mistake-prone and hard to understand. Lots of character names and terms of art are inconsistent, too. I was part of the join effort with Tom to catch Sentai Filmworks’ attention, and I’m glad it paid off. Let’s hope they take in some of our other suggestions as well. On a related note: I’ve been keeping track of Dunbine names as they appear in Super Robot Wars X, mainly as a curiosity.

Episodic posts at Wrong Every Time continue for Princess Tutu (episode 6) and Simoun (episode 12).

I’m a sucker for old anime openings localised into other languages, good or bad, cover or entirely new song, appropriate or insensitive. So I very much enjoyed this Twitter thread of notable older Portuguese anime openings!


Dynamite in the Brain has an episode about the 1994 Dragonball Z film Broly – Second Coming.


SquareSubs have also put out a general update noting their progress with various shows, including Dash! Yonkuro (7–12), Yume no Crayon Oukoku (10–20) and the first Maple Town Story TV show (episode 3).

What we’ve been up to

Feez — I’ve been powering through Super Robot Wars X at an unreasonable rate. In fact, I’m on the last stage as I type this. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, so I’ll share my final thoughts on Twitter and in next fortnight’s post.

Thaliarchus — I’m in the middle of a trip to the US, which is why this post is going up on Sunday evening in Ohio rather than on Sunday evening in England. I fitted a couple of hours of Super Robot Wars X in before I left, and it seemed fun, but more progress will have to wait until I return! I’ve also been squeezing in more episodes of Daitarn 3 here and there. I’ve begun to suspect that the way some of the giant robots fight in that show is knowingly modelled on movements in pro wrestling, but, knowing nothing about Japanese pro wrestling in the seventies or in any other era, I’m going to leave that as just a suspicion. Oh, and—we didn’t include it in the post proper, as it’s not really discussion and was adequately covered by the usual news sites, but Hidive will apparently be streaming the first, 1984, Glass Mask adaptation in some countries. That’s a show I’ve heard good things about, so it’s a nice note to wrap this post up on!

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