Redshift #20

Rose of Versailles (1979)

It’s late in October, the perfect time of the year to think on terrifying things like ghouls, and the transience of access to older anime in a world of fixed-term streaming rights. We’re still here, though, and we’ve constructed another index for a fortnight’s blogging, podcasting and translation activity focused on older anime.

As usual, remarks from Feez are in blue and those from Thaliarchus are in red.


Cries in Newtype has a new translation of an interview with Yoshiyuki Tomino about Space Runaway Ideon; the interview was originally published shortly before the two Ideon films, A Contact and Be Invoked, were released, in 1982. It’s a dialogue which perhaps displays some interesting tension between the role of the magazine interview as promotional material for forthcoming movies, and Tomino’s tendency to be difficult. I love Tomino’s curt denial of the interviewer’s assumption that the Ideon’s full power had already been displayed.

Otaku, She Wrote explores the lengths to which characters go to pursue their theatrical passions in the 1984 Glass Mask adaptation.

Over at Animehead’s Retroworld, Craig’s posted a personal essay on his history with Fist of the North Star in its various forms, to mark the thirty-fifth anniversary of the original manga.

Catsuka’s October postings of collections of production drawings from various titles, many of them old, have continued: here’s one for Osamu Dezaki’s Takarajima, for instance.

Orphan have translated various things and, as usual, collectr has blog posts on them which are detailed enough to be worth noting here. There’re two instalments of the ‘Margaret’ series of single-episode OVAs adapting shoujo manga titles from Margaret Magazine in 1993: Kiss wa Me ni Shite and POPS; and the first and second ‘Ultra Nyan’ specials, which are cat-centred adventure stories partially inspired by, and punning on, the famous tokusatsu franchise.

Wrong Every Time’s episodic coverage of good magical shows continues with posts on Princess Tutu episode 16 and Ojamajo Doremi episodes 34 and 35.

ANN carries a piece from Mamoru Oshii scholar Brian Ruh marking the release of the new Korean live-action adaptation of Oshii’s Jin-Roh. Ruh goes into some detail on Jin-Roh‘s surrounding context in the extended, cross-media ‘Kerberos Saga’ material created by Oshii. I have a lot of respect for Mamoru Oshii’s animated films, but I’ve yet to have a go at his live action. Maybe some day! By the way, I recommend Brian Ruh’s book Stray Dog of Anime if you’re interested in learning about Oshii’s filmography: it’s a fantastic study of his progression as a filmmaker.

At Beneath the Tangles Charles’s anniversary journey through Serial Experiments Lain concludes.

Finally, the Great OAV Watch continues with capsule reviews of (among other things) Call Me Tonight (1986), Nineteen 19 (1990), Compiler (1994) and Compiler Festa (1995).


Anime Is Lit devotes a full 100 minutes to a thorough discussion of The Rose of Versailles (1979)

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast revisits the 1994 OVA Phantom Quest Corp.

Taiiku convenes to chat over Riding Bean (1989) and the ‘Dark Tournament’ arc of Yu Yu Hakusho (1992–9)

The latest Dynamite in the Brain is a Halloween-themed discussion of Vampire Wars (1990).

Anime Feminist’s podcast goes for an hour on the first season of Sailor Moon. Which I should really get round to finishing at some point!


  • Chibi Maruko-chan episode 62 (Maruchan Subs)
  • Gutsy Frog episode 13 (Gutsy)
  • Yume no Crayon Oukoku episode 33 (Square; no release post)
  • Ultra Nyan and its sequel (Orphan; see above)
  • Kiss wa Me ni Shite (Orphan; see above)
  • POPS (Orphan; see above)

What we’ve been up to

Feez — This anime season’s treating me well. SSSS.Gridman‘s a exhilarating love letter to Masami Obari and the super robot anime genre. I can’t comment on how it compares to the original nineties tokusatsu shows, but I hear it’s faring well in that regard too. And then, of course, there’s the fifth installment of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, which never fails to disappoint. I’ve also been playing Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, a game I had uncharacteristically dropped during my FE heyday—really loving it this time around.

Thaliarchus — Work, work, work! But I’ve been fitting in more Red Chamber—why must life be so hard on Daiyu?—and managed to read the second volume of Getter Robo Devolution (The Last 3 Minutes of the Universe, to give it its full, grandiose subtitle), which was fun stuff. It takes a sensible approach to integrating itself into a longstanding, classic property. I like the sleekness of its mechanical designs, too.

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