Anime: Japanese animation.

Redshift: a change in electromagnetic radiation when its source is travelling away from its observer, either because of local movement or, on the cosmic scale, thanks to the universe’s expansion.

Chronicle: an ordered account of historical events, favouring brief reporting over analysis; sometimes used metaphorically in newspapers’ names.

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The universe of anime is constantly expanding. It can be hard to sort through the firehose of seasonal anime discussion if what you really want is new writing, podcasts, news &c about older anime. We couldn’t find a place which would pull together some of that activity in a regular link post, so we built one. For time reasons, we’re focusing on anime specifically, and not manga, novels, games &c. You can read a fuller explanation here.

If you’re starting a project which revolves around older anime, or have put up something about older anime as part of a site with a wider remit, we would love to know about it so we can link to you. You can contact us on twitter at @feezy_feez, @Lapis_Ataraxia, and @thaliarchus. When we comment in passing within our posts, Feez writes in blue, Liz writes in green and Thaliarchus writes in red.

This site’s primary purpose is to highlight the work of others, but we won’t rule out putting our own writing up here. And if you have something you’d like to have published here, we are open to suggestions. We don’t have any money, though, and we don’t want to turn this site into a business, so if you have anything hefty we would encourage you to pitch it to places which might pay you for it first (we will, of course, then link to it!).