Redshift #23

Anne of Green Gables (1979)

Here’s your latest round-up of attention to older anime!

A commenter has recently let us know of a few translation efforts we weren’t aware of, so we’d like to say here that suggestions for extra things to include, whether they’re new translations, blog posts or podcasts, are always gratefully received! Our feed-readers won’t catch everything, and unfortunately we can’t go to some kind of resource which would capture all of what we’d want to cover, because that’s what we’re trying to be in the first place… So the best way to proceed seems to be to gather leads constantly, and hope that we’re casting our nets more and more widely as time goes on.

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Redshift #5

Glory to those who defy their fate (two sites seemingly independently decided to cover Princess Tutu in the last fortnight!)

AnimEigo are currently Kickstarting a region-free English bluray release of the 1995–96 Gunsmith Cats OVA. They’ve already hit their initial target, and in the past they’ve successfully run other crowdfunded projects to re-release anime, so this is probably relatively reliable for a Kickstarter (and ‘for a Kickstarter’ is an important caveat there…).

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