Redshift #32

Royal Space Force (1987)

This site’s been silent for too long! Our audience look up, and are not fed. But—with heartfelt apologies for the delay—we’re back. This post covers new material up to 22 June, and a subsequent post will catch us up. We hope! We’ll be experimenting with monthly rather than fortnightly updates from then on, and we’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime, the links gathered here contain all kinds of good stuff, and the translation section contains several capstone releases which complete the first full English translations of older titles, something that’s always a delight to see.

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Redshift #26

Gosenzosama Banbanzai! (1989)

Welcome back! Here’s your latest round-up of attention to older anime around the internet. We’ve been at this for a year now, so thank you very much for your interest if you’re reading this, whether you’ve been here from the start or have only just dropped in!

As usual, remarks from Feez are in blue and those from Thaliarchus are in red.

This site started because I wished a resource like this could exist so that I could use it myself. I’m sure we do a very imperfect job, and we’re always expanding our net to try to catch what’s happening out there, but I’m still pleased with what we’ve done so far. As an unexpected bonus, I think we’ve both learned new things, and indeed learned of anime which we didn’t know existed before!

It’s also been heartening to see just how active the various communities gathered around older anime are: when you see the odd post in isolation it’s easy to get the impression that things are moribund, but when they’re pulled together matters look rather different—this post details, for example, translation efforts on more than twenty older anime titles. Here’s to a successful second year of indexing!
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