Redshift #20

Rose of Versailles (1979)

It’s late in October, the perfect time of the year to think on terrifying things like ghouls, and the transience of access to older anime in a world of fixed-term streaming rights. We’re still here, though, and we’ve constructed another index for a fortnight’s blogging, podcasting and translation activity focused on older anime.

As usual, remarks from Feez are in blue and those from Thaliarchus are in red. Continue reading “Redshift #20”

Redshift #11

Horus, Prince of the Sun (1968)

Here’s our latest fortnightly round-up of attention to older anime, with all the mermaids, Joyce, Lollardy and clobbering that you’ve been wishing for! As usual, remarks from Feez are in blue and those from Thaliarchus are in red. Continue reading “Redshift #11”