Redshift #33

The Big O (1999)

Here we are again! This post covers attention to older anime between the previous post and 1 August. We’ll aim (aim!) to get a post covering activity in August out early in September. In the meantime, there’s plenty of interesting writing, talking and translation work indexed below.

As usual, remarks from Feez are in blue and those from Thaliarchus are in red.


Heisei Etranger carries a translation of a huge interview with Akio Sugino. Sugino might not be a household name, but he contributed to a set of really significant anime, and worked very extensively with Osamu Dezaki. So there’s all kinds of good stuff in this interview, which has been posted in six parts: one, two, three, four, five and six.

Andrew Osmond has two articles reporting, with some photographs, on the large exhibition dedicated to Isao Takahata, currently running at the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo.

Nekketsu Nikki provides coverage of two recent Q&A sessions with Yoshiyuki Tomino, covering some of his recent work but also older titles. I admire his self-awareness, but it is depressing to hear that Tomino’s looking onwards to the end of his life, and that he wants to write happier stories to draw the curtain on his career. I hope he succeeds in what he wants to accomplish with the G-Reco movies. I also find it hilarious that the direction he took with Ideon was sparked in part by a desire to send a message to greedy toy companies.

At Land of Obscusion, George examines pilot episodes for anime adaptations from Shueisha manga titles: Kimagure Orange RoadNinkuTegami Bachi and Toriko.

Orphan have translated the third Sangokushi anime film (1994) and as usual Collectr has a quick primer on the film’s personnel and narrative.

Wrong Every Time has new sets of episodic notes on Ojamajo Doremi Sharp episode 2 and Princess Tutu episode 25.

The Great OAV Watch continues with an article on Assemble Insert (1989).

Craig reviews Project A-ko (1986) at Animehead’s Retroworld.

Finally, The Big O Archive is a new project to pull together archival materials related to The Big O (1999, 2003). Andy, its administrator, is gradually uploading material, but it already has scanned interviews and some glorious HD pans, with more information on the way. It’s always lovely to see someone passionate enough about a show to maintain something like this. Full marks for reproducing the website design of the era, too! I concur with Thal. It’s great when someone puts so much time and effort into sharing their passion with the community at large.


Dynamite in the Brain’s ‘The Anime That Didn’t Make Us’ series continues with a discussion of High School Kimengumi (1985), DNA² (1994), and Sabre Marionette J (1996).

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast tackles the first two Kimagure Orange Road OVAs.

The Blade-Licking Thieves review One Piece Film: Strong World (2009)

Anime Feminist’s podcast survey of Princess Tutu discusses episodes 13–18.

Anime World Order reviews Xabungle (1982).

Mobile Suit Breakdown’s episode-by-episode coverage of Zeta Gundam continues with instalments on the show’s fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth episodes.


Thanks to some careful due diligence by our new collaborator, Liz, this section also contains some items from recent months which previous posts missed!

  • Patalliro 3536 (aarinfantasy)
  • Aim for the Ace! 13 (Acebuster)
  • Little Women (1981) 9 (asckjl)
  • Laughing Salesman 74–76 (Evil-Saizen)
  • Charady’s Daily Joke 88–95 (Frostii-Saizen)
  • Yawara 33–35 (FroZen-Evil)
  • Madou King Granzort 16 (GANGO)
  • Gutsy Frog 17 (GutsySubs)
  • Gegege no Kitaro (1968) 13–15, 16 (HnG & TSHS)
  • Hime-chan’s Ribbon 41 (honobono)
  • Starzinger 14 (ILA & TSHS)
  • Galvion 6 (Inka)
  • The 1985 pilot for Kimagure Orange Road (Inka)
  • Mobile Suit SD Gundam Mk 1 (Inka)
  • Wingman 9 (Johnny-english)
  • Tanken Driland 1, 2, 3, 4 (Linguistic)
  • Little Prince Ceddie 14 (Live-eviL)
  • Magical Emi 25 (Live-eviL)
  • Dorvack 2 (LonelyChaser)
  • Ginguiser 11 (Luurah)
  • Crayon Shin-chan 313b (maronsubs, no blog post)
  • Chibi Maruko-chan 64 (MaruChanSubs)
  • Mahou no Chocolate 1-9 (MovingLines, no blog post)
  • Dragonar 37 (/m/subs)
  • Getter Robo 41 (/m/subs)
  • Yuusha Raideen 35 (/m/subs)
  • Kasumin 10, 11 (Naisho)
  • Attack No. 1 film 4 (OldCastle)
  • Meiken Lassie 1, 2345, and 6 (OldCastle & South Wind)
  • Saint Tail 1–5 (OldCastle)
  • Wandering Sun 22–26 (OldCastle); this completes this series!
  • Sangokushi movie 3 (Orphan)
  • Singles (Orphan, v2 release)
  • Tezuka Osamu Ga Kieta?! 20 Seiki Saigo no Kaijiken (Orphan)
  • Jewelpet Sunshine 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 (ParadiseHamsubs)
  • Pocket Monsters 3 (Pokedex)
  • Ganso Tensai Bakabon 3 (SenritsuSubs)
  • Minky Momo 1 (SenritsuSubs)
  • Dr Slump and Arale-chan 78 (SES)
  • Eagle Sam 23 (SES)
  • Oishinbo 5 (SES)
  • Battle Spirits: Brave (Shomentoppa, v2 release)
  • H2 10 (Sighzen)
  • Wandering Girl Nell 23 (South Wind)
  • Bakusou Kyoudai Lets & Go!! WGP 7, 8 (Square, no blog post)
  • Red Baron 19 (SubsDeLaRosa, no blog post)
  • Deltora Quest 24, 25, 262728 (Toran)

LonelyChaser have also translated a fifteen-minute documentary about Studio Bebow from 1985 (also available on YouTube). This is somewhat self-congratulatory, as is the way of these things, but it’s also a fascinating time-capsule of art, working spaces and attitudes to work at the time.

Saizen Fansubs celebrated their fifteenth anniversary, and Senritsu have a new website!

What we’ve been up to

Feez — Fire Emblem: Three Houses came out recently so I’d been playing that these past couple weeks. I’ve only completed one route though, so I may go back and try out some of the others. Overall I view it as an interesting new direction for the series and one that’s welcome. It excels in ways I don’t normally associate with Fire Emblem, so I have to give it props for that.

Thaliarchus — I’ve begun watching Space Warrior Baldios, which recently had a nice English-language bluray release; you can find my thoughts so far on the show here. I wouldn’t necessarily foist the series on someone who wasn’t already into older super robot material, but I’m enjoying it! I also recently saw Tobira wo Akete (1986), which seemed very, ah, inessential.

And I finished reading Jonathan Sumption’s history of the conflicts we call the Hundred Years’ War—or at least, the four volumes of his history which’ve been published so far! Despite its traditionalism, it’s a remarkable achievement, and I certainly feel I have a stronger grasp on the period for reading it. Now I’m reading George Herbert, because someone has to be the community’s stereotypical Anglican.

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